Wedding Blessings

It is always a great and happy occasion for us at St Edmund's when a couple has their marriage blessed at Church. It is an opportunity for the couple to tell one another how they feel for one another and to set out on the same life-journey. They do this surrounded by those who love them most, family and friends, and they seek God’s blessing on their commitment and their future.

The Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway does not have authority to conduct legal marriage ceremonies. This means that the service in church will in fact be a blessing of your marriage, and you will have to obtain a legal marriage certificate beforehand, which the Chaplain has to see. However, that does not prevent us from having a wonderful service like a marriage, in which you will dedicate your marriage vows to God in front of all your witnesses, and we will pray for God’s blessing on your life together.

Please contact the Chaplain to make arrangements. (Email: or Tel: 22 69 22 14).

The Church of England has an excellent website with lots of information and resources:

Renewal of Marriage Vows

We are also delighted when couples wish to celebrate a special wedding anniversary at St Edmund's with a service in which they renew their marriage vows before God.

Again, in the first instance, please contact the Chaplain to make arrangements. (Email: or Tel: 22 69 22 14).
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