Get Involved

"Building the Kingdom of God"

Every Christian has a calling to help share the Gospel and to be part of building up the Kingdom of God. For most people that is lived out in their families, work places, neighbourhoods and in their church community. 

Volunteers are the life-blood of activities at St Edmund's. They act as

  • Sacristans
  • Servers and welcomers
  • Coffee teams
  • Sunday school leaders and helpers
  • Committee members
  • Choir members
  • Readers
  • Christmas Fete / bazaar stall holders
  • Youth workers
  • Flower arrangers

In addition to this, everyone can add to the life of our community through prayer.
If you get involved in church life you will feel more involved, bless your fellow church members and visitors, and be helping to build the Kingdom of God here in Oslo.

Become a Member of The Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway.

Here in Norway, all registered religious bodies (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) receive some financial support from the State and from the local municipality (kommune) where members, whatever their nationality, are resident. The amount received is based on the number of members as of the first of January each year. This funding is a crucial part of our finances and enables our ministry to grow and develop.

So, if you are resident in Norway with a valid Personal ID Number, and would like to support our work, please consider becoming a member. It will cost you nothing, and is as simple as filling-out this Membership Form (in either English or Norwegian) and returning it to us.

Your talents

If you are not sure how you could contribute have a chat with the Chaplain or a church warden. Download our talent form to let us know how you might be able to get involved to the best of your talents.

Are you called to service and ministry?

Some may feel called to have a more formal service and ministry role in St Edmund's or in the wider Church. If you want to explore further consider having a confidential chat with the Chaplain. If you think your calling may be to ordained ministry you can read more at the special Church of England´s website  

Flower Arranging

We are blessed with beautiful flowers adorning the Church and the good news is that it is surprisingly easy to be part of this important ministry. Degrees in flower arranging are not a requirement, just enthusiasm and a willingness to give it a try! If you’d like to volunteer, please speak to Sigrid, Ingeborg, Sue or Jennifer Aadnekvam (email:

Financial Donations 

The costs of running St Edmund's and the Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway are met by generous giving from members and Norwegian state contributions for each adult Anglican registered in Norway. We actually need more than NOK 8 000 per day. We encourage all members to make a regular contribution by bank transfer of whatever size you can afford. 

Donations can be made via nettbank to our account which is 70290514973. You can also donate using the Vipps app: the unique number for St Edmund's is 28598. Remember that all donations are considered a charity gift and therefore exempt from tax by the Norwegian authorities up to a maximum of NOK 25 000 (in total, for all giving in the calendar year 2024). For further details see: You can also ask the churchwardens for more information on other ways of giving. 

The international codes are:

IBAN: NO1770290514973 


Instructions for Tax Efficient Giving for Anglican Chaplaincy in NorwayThe Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway is registered for tax efficient giving.  For this purpose, please register your full name and person number (11 digits) with the Chaplaincy Treasurer (treasurer@anglicans.noand follow these instructions:

  • Donations must be sent to the chaplaincy account 7029.05.14973
  • Donations must reach a minimum NOK 500 per year
  • Total tax deductions for donations to voluntary organisations or faith communities cannot exceed NOK 25 000 per year
  • Donations will be credited to the local congregation of the donor unless otherwise specified
  • Donations registered on the chaplaincy account will be reported to the tax authorities provided your person number (11 digits) is registered with the Chaplaincy Treasurer (
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