International Confirmation in Oslo, Sunday June 5th, 2016

The Right Rev'd Paul Ferguson, the  Bishop of Whitby, proved an inspired choice to lead the confirmation at St Edmunds Oslo on Sunday June 5th. Having  had a personal  link with a former Church of Norway  Congregation in Middlesbrough, he was able to draw on his Norwegian language to enhance a service led in English. As also a member of the Porvoo Group for England, Bishop Paul was especially excited to be able to meet the congregation and enhance his knowledge of Norway. 
 "This is the fullest we have seen our church in recent years, with seats even in the porch and 180 people present", explained the Ven Dr Brian Russell, Senior Anglican Chaplain.
The St Edmunds congregation is drawn from 33 different countries. The six young people and two adults confirmed all represent international families and links, with many coming from families with one parent born in Norway and one from outside Norway. For some, traditional Norwegian dress was the most appropriate for this special occasion.  For all present, the depth and joy of the worship was truly inspiring.






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